1,High power, low fuel consumption, strong pressure, uniform atomization, high range/far;

2,can be more than one operation, high efficiency, drug province, strong adhesion and reduce the cost of prevention and treatment; 

3,simple, safe and easy maintenance; 

4,Can be atomized spraying, DC cleaning, water column spray, atomized spray.

Spray distance(m) Fogging gun 10
Direct current gun 13-15 15以上(φ13mm远射程喷枪)
Tank capacity(L) 250
Type Four type
Tyre Type 16" ×4.00-8(6PR)
Tyre specification 8" ×3.50-4.10-4(4PR)
Spare part Direct current gun,Straight-head gun and high-pressure hose
Spare for choose Sector spray gun and spray gun
Engine 170F
N.W.(Kg) 81.5
G.W.(Kg) 96.5
Machine size(cm)  125×83×95


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