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Proper use and maintenance of electric sprayer

 With the development of science and technology, more and more farmers to buy a new type of electric sprayer, electric sprayer had just bought some farmers hands, will not lead to the proper use of battery power loss, shortening the life of the electric spray improper use and maintenance it will cause the machine can not be used. Electric sprayer use should note the following matters:

1, carefully read the instruction manual machinery, master the structure and performance, follow the rules.
2, the charge: first dc terminal plugs into a power outlet within sprayers, spray AC charger can be inserted after the end of the charging 220V power supply, charging charger red light, green light indicates when charging is complete, you can start to use . Some farmers had just bought an electric hand sprayer with a later discovered to not charge, this is due to the violent shaking during transportation of goods caused by cable off, so we can not charge up, you just need to open the barrel, the inside shedding wire plugged it can be properly used.
3, spraying operation: according to operational requirements, fitted with direct injection or bent spray nozzle, blending well with water first liquid through strainer filter mounted reservoir barrel, first open the liquid switch use, after opening the power switch, It began spraying operations; at the end of the spray operation, you should turn off the power switch, switch off the liquid, to avoid damage to electrical components.
4, please charge maintenance after use to prevent damage to the battery life. Electric sprayer of normal maintenance is also very important, in general, to use electric sprayer immediately after charging is completed, there are few people in the use of after, forget the timely charge, the next day to think of it when the rechargeable batteries have been scrapped half , so when normal maintenance is also very important, he decided the electric sprayer life.
5, the work is completed, should be poured barrel of residual liquid, and washed down with water after using the best dry electric sprayer with clean water left in the pumps to liquid to clean out the medicine bucket also requires timely cleaning, especially to the slack season it is best to use the oil pump motor ripped out to clean up, add some butter to prevent rusting motor is not working next year.
6, electric sprayer slack in the maintenance period is urgent, the general situation of the next month or two charge and discharge time, instead of charging time, it must first electric sprayer, putting it to work until the water runs out of electricity so far, Then recharge, so you can make more of a long battery life.
7, when the battery storage problems, should get a professional repair battery repair performed at.
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