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Supporting agriculture policy to bring life Meng Hui sprayer

Sprayer, a spraying machine, is divided into agricultural, medical and other purposes. With the development of modern garden and leisure agriculture, sprayers rising demand. Under this background, Jiaojiang, road and bridge and other places of private enterprises, began production of aerosols. After decades of development, Taizhou has become an important production base of sprayer products, products exported to over 100 countries and regions in the world.

Data show that in 2014, only one bridge to the nebulizer (machine) production and sales accounted for more than 30% of the national total, total industry sales increased by 20-30% compared with 2013.
"In the global economic downturn, sprayers industry can maintain steady growth, it is already good result." LUQIAO, plant protection and cleaning of the Secretary-General Machinery Association XIA full say, of course, Taizhou sprayer industry faces serious challenges. How to actively adapt to the new environment for development, industrial transformation and upgrading, Taizhou entire sprayer industry needs a common thought.
Taizhou sprayer industry's "position"
'' The Chinese sprayers are 'in the title, not a basket case bridge. "XIA Man said, usually, a lot of road and bridge products on the market, tend to be labeled low-end products, but with the exception of road and bridge sprayer ( machine) products in the domestic and international recognition is very high, reputation is also very good.
Domestic and foreign dealers, customers prefer to buy bridge production sprayer, which of course with high-quality products related to road and bridge sprayer. Compared with similar products, road and bridge production sprayer price 10% higher, and orders continue.
"Directed at the bridge of the sprayer to sell, the market there are many businesses were wearing 'bridge' under the guise of selling products. enough to explain these side produced sprayers bridge position.
All this is not easy, and bridge the nebulizer (machine) also faced "quality crisis." In 1997, AQSIQ will bridge nebulizer (machine) included in the regional product quality problems caused by all levels of government attention to the nebulizer (machine) product quality.
By product quality rectification and continuously improve the quality awareness of the company, in 2000, successfully removed the hat bridge regional product quality problems.
Since then, the bridge nebulizer (machine) products through upgrading the quality of products, production processes and product technology content increased year by year. Today, the "Bridge nebulizer (machine)" has become synonymous with high-quality domestic nebulizer (machine), in 2013, national supervision batch pass rate of 94.87 percent, the provincial supervision and spot checks batch pass rate of 95.45%.
Jiaojiang as "China nebulizer village", also has a similar development path and bridge. Today, Taizhou nebulizer (machine) in the domestic market, the company not only important, but also the sights on the international market, product exports increased year by year, the products in Europe and other developed markets, won wide reputation.
Modern agriculture has brought opportunities for the sprayer
In recent years, affected by the financial crisis since 2008, especially by the impact of the Internet, Taizhou traditional manufacturing has been difficult to pick up. In contrast, Taizhou nebulizer (machine) industry sales remained at 20% to 30% annual rate of growth, strong anti-risk ability.
"Behind the steady growth of both product quality excellent support, but also support the national agricultural policy posted." XIA Man said.
With the country's overall economic strength has increased support for agriculture increased year by year, the benefits of agricultural policies have been introduced. These farmers farming to mobilize the enthusiasm to play an unprecedented role in promoting opportunities for agricultural development has come, China's demand for plant protection machinery each year, with a huge amount of the increase.
"We saw that with the land transfer in depth, the traditional form of third acre of land planted will be eliminated, large farm-style planting will be replaced." XIA Man said sprayer may not meet modern agricultural production The need in the future, electric sprayers and motorized sprayer will become mainstream.
Under this new situation, and actively adjust the product structure is imperative. Enterprises have begun to recognize the problem, manual sprayer towards family development, and in agricultural production, research and development will spray more accurate, more efficient electric sprayers and motorized sprayers.
To get rid of a sprayer5 yuan profit dilemma
Sprayers surge in the number of enterprises, brought no standardized development of the industry: between business repetitive production of similar products, disorderly competition seriously, in order to compete for customers, a sprayer profit even dropped to 5 yuan.
Such a 'story', almost every manufacturing sector will experience.
In 2006, Meng Hui company early smelled industry vicious competition of taste, quickly adjust business strategy.
"We believe that the competitive price of a product alone is not enough." Is still only beginning to say, in order to retain customers, the final analysis, depend on the quality and brand.
With that in mind, Taizhou Regal began to shrink their market, for their distributors in more than 100 countries were screened its production nebulizer (machine) is positioned in the high-end market.
In the adjustment of the market at the same time, Taizhou Meng Hui and with great attention to the introduction of high-end talent, product innovation, research and development, improve product quality.
To get the sound development of a business, do meticulous precision products, establish a brand is very important to make your own to avoid vicious price competition.
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